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Evaporation is used to reduce product volume, remove water prior to drying, and to improve product storage life.

Evaporation is a highly energy-efficient way of removing water or other liquids and thus the primary process for the production of concentrates.

Anka Makine is constantly working on enhancing evaporator design in order to improve overall plant cost-effectiveness. This is accomplished by achieving the balance between energy consumption, residence time and acceptable concentrate quality for the relevant application.

Anka Makine evaporators technology are especially designed for the Starch and Bio-ethanol industries, while Anka Makine technology is recommended for starch, dairy, food, brewing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals production.

Anka Makine`s Unique Design Ensures

Highly energy efficiency.

High Product Quality.

Compact design.

Easy operation & automatic control.

Minimum manpower required.

Low operation and maintenance cost.